About Us

Eddot Farm is the home of Wiscombe Arabians  Located in Mapleton Utah.  Eddot farm was started in 1951 when Edward Keith & Dorothy Wiscombe purchased a small plot of farm ground in the beautiful rural town of Mapleton, Utah. Soon after a  3 story home was built on the farm and on Christmas eve day 1952 (Dec 24,1952)the Wiscombes moved into their new home,. The Wiscombe family consisted at that time of Edward and Dorothy, their eight(8) year old son Edward Michael and five(5)year old daughter Sharon. It wasn’t very long after that the family was given a horse to add to the Sheep, Cows, Pigs, Chickens and Geese that all ready called this farm home. Pet as she was named was a half American Saddler & Morgan, Mustang, Arabian mix and was in foal to a Remount Stallion named King Biscuit a son of Seabiscuit.  Pet was quickly claimed by horse crazy Edward Jr. as “His” and a lifelong love of horses and working with horses was started. After the birth of a lovely filly  Pet was breed back to a local Quarter horse stallion as the Wiscombes envisioned raising Quarter Horses,but the breeding did not result in a pregnancy for Pet and the stallion owner said “To Bad But It’s Not My Fault “and would not work with the them to get their mare bred! About that time Ed Sr. meet a man who owned a Arabian Stallion there in Mapleton and he said if they really wanted to breed their mare he would offer his stallion at no cost and work with them to get a foal. The resulting filly from that mating and the friendship of one Arabian owner convinced the Wiscombes to raise Arabians and became the beginning of Wiscombe Arabians.

Pet along with the 1/2 Thoroughbred filly(Lightening) and 1/2 Arabian filly(Eddot Utahna) were bred to Arabian stallions for half Arabian foals and a Purebred Arabian mare(Risha) was purchased and several other purebred mares leased and Wiscombe Arabians had become a small Arabian breeding farm concentrating on the bloodlines of Abu Farwa, Rabiyas and the mare Rissletta.